Turkey Bacon & Egg Croissant Sqaures




I started off one of my mornings with this wonderful creation. It consists of literally what its name is: eggs, turkey bacon, and croissant dough, with a few little spices and garnishes.



All of the ingredients I got from Trader Joe’s, which made them inexpensive and easily accessible. (**Side note: My friend actually makes fun of me for shopping at Trader Joe’s as much as I do, saying that I love it so much I basically live there…. I honestly wouldn’t mind that though!) The original recipe from Pinterest calls for one tube of croissant dough, 4 eggs, and about 6 strips of bacon. I personally don’t like eating pork bacon very much so I substituted it for turkey bacon.


The instructions say to roll out the whole amount of dough and cut it in half so that you can make two of these scrumptious things at one time. You fold up the edges about a half an inch on each side to create a sort of crust effect. This did not really hold in the ingredients as much as I had hoped because once I cracked the 2 eggs onto each square, some of the eggs started to run overboard onto the baking sheet. The strips of bacon were actually far too large to fit 3 to each square, so I cut them into thinner strips to fit on. I ended up just using one full strip of bacon for both of the squares. The final touches were some salt, pepper, basil, and fresh grated Parmesan and then I popped the baking sheet into the oven!



I preheated the oven to 400 degrees while I prepared the squares, and once I put them in the oven I set a timer for 11 minutes and they were done! The recipe had instructed to lay down some parchment paper onto the sheet for the squares to sit on while they baked, but I didn’t have any of that so I improvised with some spray olive oil to the sheet which worked just fine! You can choose to leave them in the oven for a little more than 10-12 minutes depending on how golden you want the crust and how runny you do or do not like your eggs.



I gave the second square to my friend (who called it a “Bacon Egg Bread Thang”) and he put Sriracha sauce on his, but I ate mine as it was and both of the variations tasted great!

Here is the link that I followed along to make it 🙂



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