Banana Sushi



Intriguing name, huh!? The way that the ingredients are all put together and displayed gives forth the resemblance of sushi rolls 😛 This is a really quick and simple recipe that is surprisingly filling!



All you need is a tortilla, a banana, some honey, and a peanut butter-like spread– I personally eat almond butter over peanut butter, but any spread of that similarity will taste great.



The preparation is simple: I spread a generous amount of almond butter on the tortilla, placed the banana on the edge of one side, drizzled some honey over it, and rolled it up! It’s important to have a decent amount of spread and/or honey so that the tortilla can adhere to itself well and hold the banana securely inside.



The last step is to slice it up into sushi roll sized bites! You can eat the rolls plain like that or I’m sure adding some Nutella side dip or some other sweet spread on the side would be tasty! Just watch out because the honey gets pretty drippy!

Here is the Pinterest link:


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