Mini Avocado-Hummus Quesadillas



So here is another simple and quick creation! These are mini quesadillas, about the size of the palm of your hand, and they only have 4 ingredients!



To make the mini tortillas, you take a regular sized one and using the mouth of a cup and a sharp knife, cut around the edges of the cup and voila, 3 mini tortillas from one big one! What would also work is a circle cookie cutter, but I don’t have one in my house so I found an alternate route.



First, I spread hummus on half of the tortilla. My favorite hummus from Trader Joe’s is the Edamame Hummus O_o Seriously so good. For each quesadilla there is one slice of avocado that fits in the half moon shape of the tortilla. After I slapped the avocado slice onto the hummus, I put little pieces of the crumpled up cheese on top. The cheese I found was some kind fromTrader Joe’s called Halloumi cheese. I’ve never tried it before but it says it is especially good for dishes that require grilling. It tastes different from any cheese I’ve ever tried but it is really good– somewhat of a mozzarella taste, but more of a hard and brittle consistency. After that I just folded em in half and they were ready to go!



Here are the lil puppies with all their ingredients set and onto the frying pan. I kept them cooking in the pan until each side was crispy and golden to my preference and until the cheese had melted as much as it could. Since the cheese was quite dense, it did not melt as fast as say any shredded bagged cheese would have.

They turned out just as yummy as I had dreamed, and I love avocados and I love hummus so this was a fantastic recipe for me to stumble upon!

Here’s the link:


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