French Toast Nutella-Strawberry Roll Ups




If you have a strong sweet tooth, this is a breakfast creation you would thoroughly enjoy! I loved them and so did the my friends who I shared them with!



The prep station consists of slices of bread with the crusts cut off, chopped up strawberries, cocoa spread, a bowl of scrambled up eggs (I used two), and a dish with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon on it. I made sure that I had a separate plain plate on the side so that I could place the prepared roll ups on it, because the preparation can get pretty messy with the chocolate spread and the gooey eggs.



For each roll up I spread a generous amount of chocolate spread on one side of the bread, but only about one inch wide’s worth. I then place a few strawberry bits in the layer of chocolate and rolled it up like in the picture above. To keep the roll up adhered to itself better I used a little more of the cocoa spread and put it on the edge that closed the roll up together. I then dipped the whole roll up in egg and rolled it across the plate of sugar and cinnamon. This part was pretty easy!



It took me a couple roll ups to figure out a system to cooking these babies. Sometimes they wanted to unroll and I had to make sure all of the egg got cooked, so ultimately I used tongs instead of my initial spatula, to control what sides of the roll ups touched the pan. I could only cook two roll ups at a time and I kept having to add more butter to the pan to make sure they didn’t stick. The excess sugar that got onto the pan began to burn and create a lot of smoke, setting off the smoke detector. So in addition to my open kitchen window, I opened the front door, which solved the problem.

Although the process of cooking the roll ups was much more complicated than I had anticipated, the end result was so delicious. Everything melted and crusted in all the right ways and all the different tastes complimented each other very well. I added a little side dish of Agave Maple Syrup to dip them in which was a very good idea 🙂

In any case, this was my first time ever handling these roll ups so some bumps in the process were to be expected. No matter what my experience was, I definitely still recommend anyone to try this out because it just tastes so good!


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