Turkey Pesto Quesadilla



If you haven’t noticed by now from this blog, I like using tortillas a lot. I do like quesadillas, but not so much the conventional cheese + tortilla action only. When I was on Pinterest and I saw “Chicken Pesto Quesadilla” I flipped out with excitement at the fact that that even existed and I never knew about it until now. I love chicken and pesto on sandwiches and on pizza, so this recipe was definitely something that I had to make.



As you can see, the ingredients are very basic and easy to get– I got everything from Trader Joe’s, what else is knew. I didn’t have any chicken meat at home and I’m trying to empty out my fridge before I go on vacation, so I improvised with some sliced turkey breast instead. I decided to use two different cheeses to have more interesting flavors and to again, empty out my fridge.



I spread a generous amount of pesto on the entire surface of the tortilla and put many layers of cheese and turkey meat.



I then folded it over in half and cooked it in a pan sprayed with a thin layer of olive oil until it was nice and golden and everything was melted together. While I waited for this to happen, I entertained myself by Snapchatting my smiling quesadilla to a bunch of my friends, as you can see in the picture above.



It was super delicious and satisfying!! The turkey meat in it tasted great, and not like I was missing out on anything at all without real chicken breast. I ended up making another one for my friend who found it obvious that he was missing out on the goodness when he saw my Snapchats of it. I’ve actually seen recipes that have put spinach and artichoke in as well, which is something I will definitely have to try, but for this time I wanted to keep it simple.

Like I said, it is super easy to put together and the ingredients are very accessible, so go on and try it at home!


Here’s the link!



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