Shrimp Taco Bites



This recipe is great for party platters or game-day snacks! What you put in it is really up to you as long as you can fit it all into the little scoop chip!



What acts as a little taco shell is the tortilla scoop chips. Such a clever idea, huh!? I didn’t use all the same ingredients that the Pinterest post used, but I put my own twists on it which came out great. I had frozen shrimp that was fully cooked which only needed thawing under cold water. I wanted to infuse it with some spices and flavors so I just rinsed it under a little luke warm water for a few seconds and then threw the shrimp into the pan with some chili pepper, garlic powder, and ground black pepper. I just tossed them around for a tiny bit because I didn’t want them to overcook and get all rubbery.

The roasted corn was also frozen but I just tossed that around a pan separately for about two minutes and it was ready to go!



My process went as so: a little spoonful of corn (maybe 4-6 pieces), a little scoop of salsa, one shrimp, a little avocado chunk, some lime juice, and a dash of black pepper on top. I did this with every single one, but it was a pretty quick process once I got into the groove of it.



The first one I ate was a great explosion of flavor that was soooo delicious. I only made enough shrimp to make about 10 of the taco bites, so I mixed the rest of the salsa, corn, avocados, lime juice, and some spices to make a dip for the rest of my chips. It was delicious as well!

I strongly recommend this recipe. It was really fun to make and the outcome was fantastic! It’s sure to impress any guests you may have, check it out! 🙂


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